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Измерители относительной влажности и температуры (термогигрометры) Измерители микровлажности газов (гигрометры) Газоанализаторы Измерители скорости воздушного потока (анемометры) Системы пробоподготовки Аэродинамические установки Установки осушки газов Комплексные и индивидуальные решения



Доклад, представленный на 12-ом международном симпозиуме по вопросу измерения температуры в науке и промышленности TEMPMEKO 2013 (International Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science 2013).

Currently, moisture sensing based on dielectric measurement is commonly employed in industrial processing and environmental control. However despite its widespread using it remains problem of this method adaptation for water molecules detection in wide range at humidity and moisture levels. That is the reason of present development of highly technological integrated device with high accuracy and stability. The technological aspects of new hygrometer developing for trace moisture detection and also humidity in rage from −80 &deq;C by dew point (d.p.) to +60 &deq;C d.p. were examined.

Two capacitive sensors are used in this technical solution: for range from −80 &deq;C d.p. to 0 &deq;C d.p. and from −30 &deq;C d.p. to +60 &deq;C d.p.. Their principle of operation is based on a relationship between a capacity of dielectric layer and an amount of water sorbed by such layer. Glassceramics is used as substrate material. Electrode system based on nickel is formed at its surface by the thin-film technology. Different sorbent films are deposited to the electrodes’ surface. For trace moisture detection it was doped silica film and for humidity detection we used polymeric film. Nano-size gold film is formed at the top of dielectric film, which provides permeability for water molecules. Besides, it is used as second electrode for sandwich structures. For temperature measurement the Pt-thermoresistor is used.

The ‛Polus“ and ‛Rodnik-2“ (Russia) moisture generators were used to prepare the air with specified moisture content for wide range measurements.

There are two main problems for solution. One of them is different temperature coefficient at water content detection for different sorbent materials of sensors. The second task is developing of special algorithm for processing results in overlap measurement range. Using of special temperature compensation techniques excluded important interfering effect at measurements. Highly sophisticated integrated circuits and special software enable to make a unique device for wide range measurements. The measuring equipment design, switching system and electrical circuits are presented in this paper. The multiple measurements of device performances showed good results for application in industries where water content detection is necessary in wide range.

Hygrometer for water content measurement in wide range.

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